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Uninsured Discount Program

Serious injury or illness can put a financial strain on any family. But persons who lack insurance or government-sponsored health benefits face additional burdens.

Through our Uninsured Discount Program, HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital seeks to lessen that burden, while ensuring that our billing and collection processes respect the dignity of all patients. The policy calls for a discount to be applied uniformly to all uninsured patient accounts. Patients must complete the uninsured letter to qualify for the uninsured discount. This letter is given to self pay patients at registration. Another copy is mailed if a completed letter is not received in the Billing Office one week after services are provided.

Some patients may qualify for additional discounts or extended payment terms, including:

  • Financial Assistance Program - This program provides financial assistance for payment of services, based on a patient's ability to pay. Applications and more information are available online or by contacting our Billing Office at (618) 651-2553.
  • Payment arrangements - Our Billing Office can work with you to development a payment plan which fits your financial situation.
  • Lump Sum Prompt Payment - Additional discounts can be obtained if you pay your bill promptly in a lump sum.

For more information on our Financial Assistance Program, please refer to our online brochure or call (618) 651-2553.