The Basler Family Women & Children's Center

Caring. Comprehensive. Convenient.
As a woman, you're probably busy taking care of others. That's why HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital in Highland offers women's health services close to home... so that you can take advantage of the care you need even in the middle of a busy schedule. The Basler Family Women & Children’s Center makes it easier — whether you are pregnant or facing women’s health concerns, you can visit us.

We Are Building Families!
Expectant moms see their obstetrician an average of 20 times throughout their pregnancy, and The Basler Family Women & Children's Center offers services for 19 of those visits. Every aspect of care leading up to and after actual delivery is provided at The Basler Family Women & Children's Center, while the delivery itself takes place at our sister hospital. So, while we’re not delivering babies, we are building families!

Available Care

Convenient healthcare for women in different stages of life right here in Highland. Tell your doctor you want to schedule your next exam at St. Joseph's Hospital. To learn more, call (618) 651-2790.