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Almost Home Program

Patient-Centered. Skilled, Transitional Care.

HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital in Highland now offers Almost Home, a program that focuses on privacy and convenience, while helping you or a loved one rest easier, heal faster - and make the transition to return home as soon as possible.

When an injury, illness or other medical condition requires additional care, Almost Home offers a specialized environment within our new hospital that can help speed recovery. Each patient also benefits from a highly skilled care team (a registered nurse, physical/occupational/speech therapist, and a member of the SJH Pastoral Care Department) that addresses inner and outer healing in a simulated home environment.

Almost Home Features:

  • Experience and personal attention that can lead to quicker recuperation
  • All-private patient rooms (bathroom and shower included)
  • No restrictions on visiting hours
  • Around-the-clock nursing, physician and pharmacy availability
  • Room-service meal program for patients and visitors
  • Family inclusion in patient care plan development

Why SJH?

The Almost Home Program at SJH is designed for patients who have specific conditions/diagnoses or need extra treatment stemming from certain medical procedures – for example:
  • Recovery from major surgery or joint replacement
  • Recovery from stroke or injury
  • Rehabilitation following an extended illness
  • Require IV antibiotics
  • Require IV nutritional therapy

Combining health care services that address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of every patient, the Almost Home Program at SJH utilizes a “patient-centered” philosophy that addresses both internal and external healing.

To complete recovery in the Almost Home Program at SJH, call the 24/7 On-Duty Charge Nurse at (618) 651-BOND (2663). Download our Almost Home program flyer for more information.

Patients will appreciate the spacious patient rooms… see for yourself in this video!