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Business Partnership Program

Engaging businesses year round to support community wellness through health programs, events, and services.

We invite you to become a PrimePartner with HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital PrimeHealth is a business partnership program aimed at engaging businesses year round to promote healthy living in our community, no matter what your age. PrimeHealth incorporates health related programs, events, and services to provide year round engagement for companies to act as PrimePartners of healthcare in our community.

PrimeHealth offers your business or organization a way to support the health and wellness of your employees, friends, and family through programs and services.

From our youth to our seniors, PrimeHealth focuses on the health and wellness of everyone in our service area.

PrimePartners enjoy year round benefits:

  • Heart Health Partners
  • Health Fair Sponsorship
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Partners
  • Support Group Sponsors
  • Educational Program Sponsors
  • Senior Health Partners
  • Spring Event Sponsors
  • Promotion on St. Joseph’s Hospital marquee, social media sites, donor wall television

For more information about PrimeHealth, please contact our foundation department at 618-954-9998.