Amy DeweyAmy Dewey

Our 4-month old son was rushed to the Emergency Room at St. Joseph’s Hospital due to breathing complications. From the moment the ambulance arrived, to the time he was airlifted to Children’s Hospital, he was treated with First Class Service! My husband and I were not in Highland when Ethan was rushed to the ER but upon our arrival, we could tell he was in great hands. From the doctors, to the nurses, to the administrative staff, we cannot thank them enough for all that they did to keep our little Ethan alive. Everyone in the ER continued to keep my husband and I informed of what was happening and they treated our son with such care and compassion. We will forever be grateful for the wonderful care that Ethan received at St. Joseph’s Hospital here in Highland!

Arnold MeyerArnold Meyer

I chose St. Joseph’s Hospital for my knee surgery.  I had heard successful reports about the procedure done there by Dr. Ungacta and I was not disappointed.  His attention to accuracy and precision goes a long way toward a successful outcome.  I made wonderful progress in a short time with the help of the good care from St. Joseph Hospital and the St. Joseph PT Department.

Shirley Bellm

I am thankful for St. Joseph's hospital. It truly provides hometown care. My mom had shoulder replacement surgery in January in St. Louis and a month ago had knee replacement surgery at St. Joseph's (she's almost totally replaced now and ready to go for the next 100,000 miles). After the shoulder surgery she came back to St. Joseph's for rehab. She was lucky enough to have the knee surgery and rehab there. While it's not quite "home," it is close enough for her to get better faster. The care that she received before, during, and after the surgery was like coming to her own family. She has the hospital Friends Van pick her up and take her back and forth for PT and Dr. Alvarado continues to help her on her road to recovery. They not only treat the knee, they treat the person and all the ups and downs that go with the recuperation process. Dr. Ungacta, his staff, and the surgical staff at St. Joseph's Hospital were great. I am thankful to have St. Joseph's Hospital here in my hometown.

The ThompsonsThe Thompsons

Before I started the Healthy Pathways program I wanted to die. I couldn’t move around the house, I couldn’t eat at the table; I couldn’t sleep in my bedroom. The first couple of weeks I was in the Healthy Pathways program I had to be moved from machine to machine in my wheelchair. It only took a couple of weeks before I started to notice a difference. Over the past four months, my quality of life has done a 180 degree turn. I can now move around the house and do whatever I like, including eat at the dining room table and sleep in my own bed. I can’t say enough good things about this program and the ladies here. I would strongly encourage people to use Healthy Pathways.  - Jim Thompson, Healthy Pathways Participant

When he started this program, we weren’t sure he was going to make it. This program has been a lifesaver for us. He can do so much more than he used to be able to do, including going up and down stairs a couple times a week. This program is inexpensive, too, which gives us the opportunity to keep using it. The program and these ladies have made a big difference in our life.  - Phyllis Thompson, wife of Jim Thompson